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My epic Facebook rant

There are those times when, as much as one wants to stay calm, all of the irritations and indignities boil over. This was a result of one of those moments: "I've about had it with the childish insults and lies and ignorance and constant arguing I see... well, just about everywhere. I don't care whose "fault" it all is. Perhaps start acting in a more mature fashion and rise above those you disagree with, rather than sink to their level. Also, I have had it up to here with "this person has dementia and that person has dementia". Are you a medical professional? Are you educated in this area in any way, shape or form? Then perhaps spare us your uninformed, from the hip diagnosis that is actually meant to be a joke. And I am here to tell you that dementia is NOT A F*CKING JOKE. I am a caregiver for a family member with this disease. It is both horrifying and saddening to see a family member fall apart and whither away over time. Y'all want to joke about dementia? Come take my place for a day. You sure as hell won't be laughing about it then." I felt faintly embarrassed the moment I posted, but then the positive comments and likes quickly started rolling in. My epic rant became a positive thing.

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